Concerning ourselves

Review of Simon Difford´s CLASS Magazine on Mezcal Los Danzantes and Mezcal Alipús (Englisch)
Author: Simon Difford, 2012; Operator: Odd Firm of Sin, UK

Review of Simon Difford´s CLASS Magazine on Mezcal Real Minero (Englisch)
Author: Simon Difford, 2011; Operator: Odd Firm of Sin, UK

MitteSchön Magazin, Berlin visited our tasting (German)
Author: H. Bigend, 2011; Operator: Vollstrudel GmbH, Deutschland

Food critics of Buero Hilker, Berlin about us (German)
Author: mw, 2011; Operator: Hilker GmbH, Germany

What a Drink!-Blog about our products (German)
Author: Sven Koerper, 2011; Operator:, USA

Articles, Galleries & Movies

Photogallery of Destilería Los Danzantes and surrounding
Author & Operator: Frank Schulz, 2011; Germany

Der Standard on Mezcal and the Los Danzantes-Distillery (Deutsch)
Author: Georg Desrues 2011; Operator: GmbH, Austria

Movies about the production of special edition Arte Mezcal at Los Danzantes (Spanisch)
First part
Second part
Author: dvtlan 2009; Operator: Qlipso, USA


Mexican Department for Environment with an online-abstract on their book “En lo ancestral hay futuro: del tequila, los mezcales y otros agaves” (English)
Author & Operator: Comisión Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad (CONABIO)
The corresponding movie

Homepage of Consejo Mexicano Regulador de la Calidad del Mezcal (COMERCAM), responsible for the Denomination of Origin (Spanish)
Author & Operator: COMERCAM A.C.,2004, Mexiko

NOM-070-SCFI-1994 is the legal definition for Mezcal (Spanish)
Author & Operator: COMERCAM A.C., 2004, Mexiko

Homepage of the orthodox Mezcal-Aficionados of Mezcales Tradicionales de los Pueplos de México (Spanish)
Author & Operator: Cornelio Perez, 2009, Mexiko

Case study of the UN on denominations of origin, here: „The Case of Mezcal, Mexico“, Pages 183 – 196 (English)
Author: Catarina Illsley Granich, 2009; Operator: International Trade Center (ITC), Schweiz