Welcome to the Mezcalería...

...the web site about Mezcal, the mother of all agave spirits. This is for people with a soft spot for liquor and those who believe that good craftsmanship shouldn't be limited to bread and wine. Of course this is a site about the products we are offering, but also a site for fans and those who just want to have a peek into what it is all about.

We are not only interested in the finished product, but also in its origin and unique characteristics. With this awareness comes a greater appreciation of Mezcal and a more intensely enjoyable experience. It is also tremendously interesting why, where and how Mezcal is produced and by whom.

In sharing this with you we will spare you the ethnic bag of tricks often opened when it comes to spirits from Latin America. Here you will find no sombreros and cacti, no Aztec kings or Indian goddesses. This is about facts, not folklore.

And because WE have been working for over 10 years in various jobs in southern Mexico we know what we are talking about. Under IMPORTS you will find only spirits from manufacturers we know personally and whom we trust. These are small-scale producers who know their trade and why they maintain its tradition. To find out more read MEZCAL Nevertheless you can only begin to know Mezcal once you've tasted it. And the flowery words we leave at this point to one of the most renowned American sommeliers and winemakers:

"Fine mezcal, made naturally from 100% agave, is probably the purest, most traditional spirit available on planet earth. Mezcal smells like history. It tastes like wonder and superstition. It finishes with ancestral connections to the past and mystical visions of the future. Love it or hate it, no one remains ambivalent after tasting mezcal."
Lance Cutler, Tequila Lovers Guide to Mexico (and Mezcal), Wine Patrol Press 2000

Enjoy yourself!