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Mezcal - Eine facettenreiche Spirtuose (Ger.) by H. Giersiepen touches on all essential aspects of the subject from a scientific point of view.

Databases & Reviews

Mezcal Reviews is the leading database for mezcal, with tasting notes of the users.


Tequila Matchmaker is the leading independent database on tequila, also with user tasting notes. Also available as APP. TasteTequila is the associated blog site with articles, reviews etc ...and as YouTube channel.


Long Island Lou Tequila runs the best video blog of tequila reviews currently available.



The blogs on the subject have different topics, quality and points of view. Just click through.


Mezcología (Span.)

Mezcalistas (Eng.)

Mezcaleando (Span.)

Alvin Starkman (Engl.)

Clayton Szczech (Eng.)



The Nectar Corredor (Eng.) by Niki Nakazawa is highly recommended and gives many producers a chance to speak. There is also an original Spanish version.

Heyheyagave (Eng.) by TUYO (Sabrina Lessard & Gabriel Velazquez Zazueta)

Maestros del Mezcal (Eng.) by Maestros del Mezcal A.C.

Mezcal del Bueno (Span.) by The International Mezcal Club

Elixir of the Gods (Eng) by Diego Garibay and Albert Menacher



Bowen, Sarah: Divided Spirits. Tequila, Mezcal, and the Politics of Production

University of California Press 2015 - ISBN: 9780520281059

Required reading for anyone seriously and/or professionally involved with agave spirits (or the concept of Protected Origin). Reading sample

Article by the author on PunchDrink on the subject of DOs.


Bullock, Tom: The Mezcal Experience

Jacqui Small 2017 - ISBN987-1-911127-15-2

Nice book for beginners about history, technique, products and cocktails. Reading sample


Greene, Granville: The Mezcal Rush

Counterpoint 2017 - ISBN 978-1-61902-844-9

A sort of travel diary of the author's years and various stays with mezcal producers. Good for mezcal beginners or as travel reading for Mexico. Reading sample


Nabhan, Gary and David Suro: Agave – The Past, Present and Future of Mezcals

W. W. Norton & Co 2023 – ISBN978-393-86710-7

Nabhan, as an ethnobotanist, and Suro, as a restaurateur, have written a combative and knowledgeable standard work.

Brief description of the publisher with author portraits.

Suro and Nabhan also run the joint blog.


Schroeder, James: Understanding Mezcal

Prensa Press 2018 - ISBN 978-0-692-17108-0

The book I would have liked to have written myself. 100 pages of concentrated knowledge from all topics around mezcal, complete and understandable. Highly recommended! There is now also an APP available.


Torrentera, Ulises: Mezcalaria. Cultura del Mezcal – The Cult of Mezcal

Farolito Ediciones 2012 - ISBN 968-7984-22-8

The bilingual (Span./Eng.) edition of the classic book on the subject. Previously, there was no book that dealt with mezcal in a readable and halfway scientific way at the same time. Spanish original from 2000.



for non-Spanish speakers


Agave – Spirit of a Nation: Feature film with and about Graciela Ángeles (Real Minero), Carlos Camarena (Destilería La Alteña) and Aquilino García (Mezcal Vago) (Span./Eng., 80min). Available for purchase on various streaming platforms.


360° - GEO Reportage: Mezcal- Hochprozentiges aus Mexiko: TV documentary about Mezcal from Miahuatlán, Oaxaca and from the surroundings of the Mezcaloteca (Ger., 52min)


ARD documentary with the producers of Los Danzantes, Alipús San Andrés, Real Minero a.o. (Ger., 45min.)


Financial Times visit to the Mezcaloteca and Lalo Ángeles (Eng., 5min)


The Guardian on Real Minero and Oaxaca, with article (Eng., 5min)


VIVA MEZCAL by Pedro Jiménez Gurria, the owner of Mezonte (Span.+ Eng.SUBS, 80min)


How to brew everything: Mezcal & Tequila:

First episode (Eng./ 4min) with Real Minero.

Second episode (Eng./ 6min) about harvesting agave for tequila.

Third episode (Eng./ 8min) about production for industrial tequila.


Pepe Carballido (Enmezcalarte) about the botany of agaves for mezcal production (Span.+ Eng.SUBS, 12min).



Mexican Television


Mexico Travel Channel: Siembra México – Oaxaca y su Mezcal (Span., 24min)

Quite folkloristic TV documentary with some good interview moments.


Fuego Verde, la otra cara del mezcal is an almost historical documentary from 2001 (Span., 25min)

Fuego Verde, la otra cara del mezcal. Capítulo 2 (Span., 25min)

Fuego Verde, la otra cara del mezcal. Capítulo 3 (Span., 25min)

Fuego Verde, la otra cara del mezcal. Capítulo 4 (Span., 25min)

Fuego Verde, la otra cara del mezcal. Capítulo 5 (Span., 25min)


Bebidas de México: Mezcal by Canal Once (Span., 25min)

Television documentary with a good overview of different production methods and places.

Bebidas de México: Tequila is part 2 (Span., 25min)

Bebidas de México: Otros Destilados is part 3 about Bacanora, Sotol, Raicilla (Span., 25min)


Vidas & Bebidas  - Mezcal from TV UNAM (Span./ 25min)

Another TV documentary, with Graciela Ángeles (Real Minero), Karina Abad and Jaime Muñoz (Los Danzantes),

Vidas & Bebidas  - Sotol is part 2 (Span./ 25min)

Vidas & Bebidas  - Bacanora is part 3 (Span./ 25min)

Vidas & Bebidas  - Tequila is part 4 (Span./ 25min)


Certification & Protected Origin

Consejo Regulador del Mezcal currently certifies most mezcal and operates the site for external presentation. The applicable mezcal standard is NOM070-SCFI-2016.


Consejo Regulador del Tequila  is the certifying body under the applicable tequila standard NOM-006-SCFI-2012.


Consejo Mexicano Promotor de la Raicilla has drafted the Declaration on DO Raicilla.


Unfortunately, we have not found anything on Bacanora and Sotol.

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