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Mezcalerí are Axel Huhn in Berlin and Nils Dallmann in Mexico City. We have been traveling to and working in Mexico for about 10 years, on exchange programs or development aid. During our jobs in remote Indian villages in the region of Oaxaca in the south of Mexico we came to know and appreciate the mezcalero families and their products, which we distribute today. As architects and development workers we esteem good handicraft and honor fair trade and that is why these ideals are the indisputable benchmarks of Mezcalerí

We attach great importance to environmental and economic sustainability and respect the social and cultural context of our producers. This is why we waive fancy catalogues, fairs and brand ambassadors. We don´t give away free products for promotion, because fairness has two directions. Conversely, our costumers can be sure that the prices for our products correspond with their actual worth.

The products on this site are individually handcrafted items, skillfully made by the people you can see under PRODUCERS. Write us an email in case you want to learn more. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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