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Tequila Cascahuín the brand of the Rosales family from El Arenal, Jalisco and exists since the 50s. However, they have been distilling their own Tequila since 1904. Typical lowland Tequilas are produced at Cascahuín and the area is one of the oldest agave growing areas in the Tequila region. The nearby mountain gives the distillery its name and is featured on the label. Cascahuín means “mountain of light” because large deposits of ore in the ground attract lightning during thunderstorms.



Tequila Cascahuín has become the insider tip of the up-and-coming bar and cocktail scene in Jalisco's capital Guadalajara (and among Tequila freaks in the U.S.) in recent years, after the Rosales decided to focus more on craftsmanship and time-honored techniques again, setting themselves apart from the brands of international spirits conglomerates. In addition to their own brand, Siembra Valles, David Suro's brand, is also produced here.


The current distillery was built in 1955 by Salvador Rosales Briseño, followed by his son Salvador Rosales Torres and now his grandson Salvador "Chava" Rosales Trejo. In addition to the two Salvadors, the team includes Chava's sister Tere (Finance) and Daniel Ocampo (Technical Director). Also, Tetsu Shady, a bartender from Japan who has been a brand ambassador since 2015.



Cascahuín has the standard equipment of a medium-sized tequila distillery: the cooking process takes place with steam in masonry ovens, so-called hornos. Crushing of the agave with roller mill. The fermentation process is carried out either with or without fibers. In order to revive the traditional methods, some time ago a tahona was acquired, the traditional mill wheel made of volcanic stone, which gives the distillates a different flavor profile than the usual milling methods. All the spirits are double distilled using the pot still method. And for the Tequila Ancestral, a production line with earth oven and wood-copper pot still was set up, as is customary for Mezcal.



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