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This is a specialist shop for agave spirits. So mainly Mezcal and Tequila from Mexico. We import ourselves and distribute to gastronomy, retail and in our SHOP also to end customers. There you will find our OWN IMPORTS as well as a curated selection of artisan agave distillates and accessories.


We also want to inform you ABOUT MEZCAL and Tequila, their production and culture. We are not only interested in the finished product, but also in its creation and everything that goes with it. On the one hand, because you enjoy it more intensively when you understand it. And on the other hand, because it is simply mighty interesting how, where and why Mezcal, Tequila and other agave distillates are made and by whom.



Under OWN IMPORTS you will find the profiles of all our producers, because transparency towards customers (and producers) is our top priority. We work exclusively with traditional small and family businesses that we know personally and trust. Mezcaleros and tequileros who have mastered their old craft and consciously stick to it. We have no exclusive contracts, do not negotiate quantities or prices and do not dictate to anyone what he or she should produce. That's why we only import Mezcals and Tequilas that are also drunk by the producers themselves (and us, of course).


By the way, our goods are only available in specialized shops and not on Ebay or Amazon, we do not use Google Analytics and do not collect any data, that's why we don't have any customer accounts on this site.


A few more words here ABOUT US.


And more about Mezcal, Tequila, Raicilla etc. for further reading by knowledgeable people under LINKS.


For questions & recommendations, criticism & suggestions we are always available by MAIL.


Have fun looking around in our SHOP!


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